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At Panini, we recognize our Partners are the reason we are the world’s best known distributed capture provider. We aim to prove our loyalty to our Partners by providing a site dedicated to them. Simply stated, we want to make the job of selling the Panini brand as easy as possible.

Sales professionals will find helpful comparison tools, technical information, and access to their Premio accounts, while marketing professionals will enjoy the self-service functionality and the central location for everything related to our exclusive marketing programs and campaigns.

This portal gives Partners a single point of access to all the tools needed for success!


Dear Partner,

My name is Pierpaolo from the Panini Headquarters in Torino, Italy. I am the head of R&D and will be closing in on sixteen years with Panini this December! My adventure working with Panini has been incredibly exciting and challenging at the same time.
In 2000, I joined a company which was struggling to understand how the US Check21 law was going to change the type of devices that we designed. Now I find myself working in a much larger company with 20 times higher revenue, and a much larger addressed market.

Our path towards what we are today was developed through many stages, including the incredible success of the MyVision X which started in the mid-2000s. Today, I feel that we are shaping our most recent “revolution” with an entirely new generation of check scanners. 

When Steve Jobs launched the iPad in 2010, he said “this post-PC device…” and we all realized that the standard PC concept was in decline, along with the idea of a scanner API which was written explicitly for MS Windows. We understood that tablets, smartphones and their new operating systems like iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android, would quickly change the paradigm. Panini’s Everest architecture flourished from this new concept as we realized our new devices had to be independent from any Operative System (OS), and that wired and wireless connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and LAN had to be made available. We also realized that clients would demand the need for ZERO software installation required – and ZERO software maintenance! 

Our first result of this new trend was the m:IDeal, bringing Everest innovation to RDC, which is very appreciated for its natural connectivity with all web-based applications. Later, we did the same technical surgery on our top teller image capture (TIC) device and created the EverneXt, a sophisticated scanning system which makes available all the powerful features of Vision neXt (160DPM, check auto-alignment, AGP14) to virtually any connected host device, no matter the physical media or protocol used.

That’s where we are and plan to be: to continuously blend innovation and tradition and keep Panini at the top after 70 years from its foundation, continuously keeping our solutions ahead of the curve.
Thanks for partnering with us!

Pierpaolo Bubbio

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Introducing a Revolutionary Intelligent Check Scanner

We are excited to announce our latest platform, the EverneXt!
With an unprecedented architecture that is API-free and uses the HTTPS protocol for host to scanner communications, branch transformation can easily become a reality.

Panini everNeXt

The EverneXt can be wired or wirelessly connected, so that roaming tellers can share scanners as needed, no longer being tethered to a counter and separated from their customers by a barrier.

We have already posted the EverneXt brochure on our public web pages, while the technical specs can be found on PartnerPlus, to assist you in understanding and selling our latest intelligent scanner. We are ready to support you and answer any questions you may have about the EverneXt.
Looking forward to our success!

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We just wrapped a busy summer of shows.
The EverneXt debuted at RDC Summit in Orlando, to an overwhelming response. At the same time that show was going on in the U.S., we were also down in Lima, Peru at CL@B Felaban 2016, presenting our full product line to the Latin American and South American markets, while just a few days later we presented our I:RDC solution in Forum Banca in Milan, Italy.

We have a few more shows to attend and exhibit at this year, and hope to see you there!

See us at the following Upcoming Events in the U.S. ...

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Latin America: Cumbre PartnerPlus

September 13th we held a summit with our Latin American Partners in Lima, Peru, just before the start of the Cl@b show. Juan Mazzini of Celent joined us to provide a report on the latest Latam banking trends. Alex Rosal of Tech Imagine presented his POS capture solution featuring Panini scanners.

clab tour

The afternoon was complete with a gourmet food tour throughout Lima markets and some of the best restaurants the city has to offer.

clab tour

North America: Panini 500 and Panini 25 Premio Campaigns

Panini 500
All eligible participants will be Premio Members as of September 1, 2016; those participants will be grouped based on recent performance by Panini Management.
There will be one winner per group (Petty, Earnheart, and Gordon) receiving 1,500 Premio Points for selling the most units between Oct 1, 2016 and January 31st.
Click here for more info; happy selling and good luck!

Panini 25
For every 25 units sold from Oct 1, 2016 thru Jan 31, 2017 you get your name on one chip.
Drawing takes place Friday, February 24th, and the race takes place Sunday, Feb 26th.
Click here for more info; happy selling and good luck!

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